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picture of industrial machinery used to narrate project by NimTalkingTalent for a Mid Size Manufacturer on HR, Hiring, OD

HR Transformation: Mid Size Manufacturer

The challenge was to create a second line of leadership, redraw the organization structure, propel innovation and embed a unique culture as the firm grew almost thrice in headcount. The HR function was also non existent.

Understanding the current and future market dynamics, talent market and company vision was important to frame the solutions. Extensive support was provided to define the organization 2.0, and prepare for change. The career architecture was put in place. Hiring support was provided for critical roles especially second line leadership. The entire HR structure from hire to retire cycle was defined and the HR team hired and assimilated in their new roles. 

leadership development and executive coaching provided by NimTalkingTalent

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Our coaching programs are designed to accelerate the leadership development process through individualised, high impact tools and learning activities which enable leaders to fully embrace their potential. 

Delivered interventions impacting 400+ individuals from leading firms across industries – pharma, manufacturing, IT, electronics, steel, heavy engineering, semi-conductor, networking etc. Coaching on a range of leadership skills including strategic thinking, design thinking, executive presence, driving business alignment, influence and networking and entrepreneurship. Targeted programs for women leadership and emerging CEOs are of special interest. 

startup support and HR retainership by NimTalkingTalent
Image used to talk about intervention by NimTalkingTalent for a large networking firm

Organization Development: Large Networking Firm

The challenge was to foster talent mobility between two large verticals of the organization, both critical to the firm's business model. The work profile in one vertical was more aspirational and working on latest technologies. The second vertical had more of stable, technology maintenance roles.


Understanding talent aspirations and latent hiring biases was important to craft the solution. The aim was to make hiring managers in the first vertical be more open to hiring internally from the second vertical and have the support structure to assimilate them. Solution components included career support tools and coaching for interested incumbents in the second vertical and career fairs.  

Startup Support and HR Retainership

Your business is growing! But getting to next level is not without a set of new challenges - profit margins, team alignment, too many bandaids,  hard work is not translating into smart work, talent isn't exactly flocking by and so on. That's why we offer specialized support for startups, including talent acquisition, HR strategy development, and leadership coaching to help you build a strong foundation for growth and success.

Opting for HR retainership gives access to a senior HR professional s who can provide strategic guidance and solutions tailored to the organization's specific needs. Critical support is available to help your firm evolve to the next level of growth. 

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